Short films are great. They're like normal movies, but shorter! Less time commitment!

Most filmmakers start their careers making shorts before moving on to feature films, so you never know when you're going to see an emerging talent that's going to end up being a big name in the future. That's what makes AudFest at The Roxy so exciting!

The Audience Awards Film Festival is taking play at the Roxy in Missoula from Thursday, December 5th through Sunday, December 8th, and it'll be showcasing great short films from all around the world. Here's some info from their Facebook event page:

Audience Awards Film Festival delivers the best short films in the world. We believe filmmakers have the power to change the world, so we offer online film festivals during the year to connect filmmakers’ stories with a world audience. Our online film festivals receive over 20K submissions. With the help of a global audience and industry jurors, the short films submitted are narrowed down to the absolute best. We then screen the BEST short films at our live film festival, which we are proud to bring home to Missoula December 5-8, 2019. Each block of films supports a non-profit, it's our give back impact!

You can get all the showtimes at The Roxy's website, or you can buy an all-access pass for the festival right here.

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