Now this is how you ring in the new year.
Last year, I had just moved to Missoula and didn't really have anything to do on New Year's Eve, so I spent literally the entire day at the Roxy's annual kung fu marathon. And people, it was one of the best New Year's Eves I've ever had in my life.
So naturally, I'm hoping to stop by again this year! Probably not all day this time, but definitely at least for a movie or two. And now, The Roxy has unveiled what movies they'll be showing this year, and it's a good mix of old favorites and obscure rarities.
Kick your way into 2020 with The Roxy's annual all-day-long New Year’s Eve marathon of classic Kung Fu Flicks.

12:00 - The Brawl Busters
2:00 - Sister Street Fighter
4:00 - The 36th Chamber of Shaolin
6:00 - The Five (Deadly) Venoms
8:00 - Enter the Dragon
10:00 - Drunken Master

This event is part of First Night Missoula -- show your button at the box office and receive free admission! For the price of one ticket, see any or all of the films!

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