What better time to have a Christmas party than on Friday the 13th?

That's when Draught Works is hosting their 8th annual Christmas Steamer, their yearly Christmas party that'll involve food, fun, and of course, drinks (it is a brewery, after all).

And they're adding a new twist to go along with their new beer that involves sticking a red hot fire poke in it in order to caramelize it - it sounds wild, but the way they describe it, it definitely sounds delicious.

Here's all the info you need from their Facebook event page:

Dig out your favorite holiday duds because Draught Works is gearing up for a night of steamy Christmas shenanigans!

Join us in the good hood for our 8th Annual Christmas Steamer Friday, December 13th from 3-8 PM! Add a bowl of fresh Penn Cove mussels from Taste of Alaska Seafood, masterfully prepared by our best buds at Burns St. Bistro, to any pint purchase for just $1!

Our Annual Christmas Steamer is the perfect way to kick off the holiday season with your friends and family, so round up those in-laws, obscure relatives, and trusty dusty ole friends for a serious night of fun!

We're adding something new to our holiday shenanigans this year! Prepare your palate for a trip to FLAVORTOWN! We're releasing our dark and dangerously delicious Graupelbock Doppelbock just in time for our Christmas Steamer, and we're kicking it up a notch by offering to flash caramelize your beer with a FREE hot fire poke on the deck! Poking your beer with a red hot rod caramelizes the malt in the beer, and imparts a smokey flavor and creamier mouthfeel turning your brew into a sort of beer based creme brûlée.

SAVE THE DATE and stay tuned for more details!

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