I've gotta make my way out to ZooMontana sometime. I've lived in Montana almost three years now, but never made the road trip out there, and by all accounts, it seems pretty awesome. I see so many posts and updates about all the cool animals that they get - once COVID is over, or at least once I can get the vaccine, that might be my first move.

Especially now that I know ZooMontana is bringing in two new red pandas, bringing their total to three - Duli, their original red panda, and Papu The Prince Of Pounce and Mei Mei, who are transferring over from the Oregon Zoo in Portland.

Duli has been alone since the zoo's other red panda, Daisy, died back in October. The plan is to bring Papu (who, remember, his full name is Papu The Prince of Pounce) and Mei Mei in after a 30-day quarantine period just to make sure no diseases are brought along with them.

ZooMontana will be tracking the transfer on social media, and they're promising to keep posting a bunch of cute pictures while the two animals are in quarantine, too.

Have you got any dream animals that you want to see arrive at ZooMontana? A quick glance at their website shows everything they have, and all I'm saying is, bringing in a kangaroo would be pretty rad. Let's get the hashtag #KangarooForZooMontana trending on Twitter, we can make this happen, people!

Ok, maybe that won't work, but you never know. In the meantime, we've got these new red pandas to keep us occupied.

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