In some unfortunate news, a staple of ZooMontana passed away this week. Taylor, a Red Panda, passed away at the age of 22 years old.

What makes that so notable is that Taylor was 14 years older than a Red Panda typically lives, and actually held the title of the world's oldest living member of his species. He actually just gained the title about two weeks ago, on February 27th, when Guinness World Records confirmed it and gave the zoo a certificate to honor it. ZooMontana had actually planned to announce the record today.

Taylor had been with ZooMontana for years and he was considered a staple of the organization. The zoo's next-oldest Red Panda, Zoe, is 18 years old, so still has some time before she catches up to Taylor's record.

Did you ever see Taylor or the other Red Pandas at ZooMontana?


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