Missoula. From hipsters to hippies, students to starving artists and all the beautiful people in between, this town is truly the most diverse city in the state of Montana. And it's with that in mind that we took this simple sentence out to our local Facebook network and asked this cities residents and neighbors to fill in the blank. Of course some of the statements are a bit tongue in cheek (and should be considered as such) but others are so dead-on accurate that it truly defines our town to a tee.

When you think of Missoula, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? We invite you to join in on the fun and add your own in the comment field below. Who knows? We might just share it on our radio shows!

"You Know You Are In Missoula When ______"

Chase Hakes the hipsters are too cool to smoke P-Funk cigs...
Pastor Russ Smith Every where you go you know someone.
Darelle Taylor You see a guy in the movies with a pet racoon! (true story)
Analicia Schrader when you no longer have 4 seasons....... just winter & fire season
Ron Reed Everytime a storm comes up, everyone grabs a camera to try capture video of a tornado.
Sarah Miller all you see is maroon and white
Jt Wilson You constantly talk about how cool it is that everyone bikes everywhere, but curse them under your breath when they get in your way.
David S. Dick You see everyone driving a Subaru with a Thule roof rack.
Cathy Gydas the bike riders think they own the road!!
Kayla Hoehn i dont curse them under my breath i roll my window down and start yellin
Danica Bayliss No matter where you move, once you have lived in Missoula (especially if born here), you have this pull to come back to the valley in the mountains! Which doesn't go away until satiated.
Kayla Hoehn you wake up in the morning and its spring afternoon is summer dinner time is fall and dark its winter
Casey Stewart
There are as many pot shops on the side of the road as there are gas stations

Jenny Ludeman No matter how freezing cold outside it is someone is wearing shorts and flip flops!
Tee Jay Littlewolf you know more green card holders then the non-card holders
Miz Mcdanal T when u see nothing but Grizz gear!!!!! Duh
Shea Boland When you see a lifted truck with stax that says "Montana dirty diesel" across the back.
Sandra F. Young when every pickup contains a gunrack in the front and a dog in the back.
Chunkiye Moua You know u in missoula when u go to all the bars and eat peanuts and throw em all over the floor cause u don't have to clean em up!!!!
Grace Applegate u see "zoo town " arcoss the back window of a vehicle.....
Jessica Willis you have no money left in your bank acct cause it's so expensive to live here...
Dance Missoula When your stuck on Reserve from 3rd to Mullan
Dana Johnson Donahue All you crave is a Mo Burger and a Red Beer...
Grace Applegate how about when u see a 7 foot tall white boy in a diaper on the corner of the busiest intersection? Hahaha
Liz Bowman Loran You see "Keep Missoula Weird" bumper stickers on every Subaru!.....Just as many "Potheads" as there is "Potholes!"
Sibahn Doxey When you grab your growler and see the protesters next to the Wilma. Or when you see Tech N9ne :)
Quinn Kessler You smell pine trees and pot.
Missy Kelleher You see dancing man and his lady at every outdoor event dancing even when there's no music.
Whitney McCurdy when 70% of the town doesn't take showers :)
Sarah Grimley ‎...You are surrounded by Subaru's no matter which street you are on.
Brandon Norton Every other person has a black or chocolate lab with a blue bandana around it's neck and a frisbee hanging out of it's mouth.
Shawna Nemmers Batt You Remember "RED" Yelling every morning as you drive by... something about going to hell!!
Ashlee Zmak You see people tightrope walking between trees

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