64-year-old art teacher Sandra Hadsock is making headlines this week after she punched a male student in the face for allegedly calling her vulgar names.

Hadsock, who last year won the her school's Teacher of the Year award, originally faced charges of child abuse; but the State Attorney's Office has since decided to drop the charges, believing the Central High School teacher may have been acting in self defense. (Hadsock told 'TODAY's' Matt Lauer a similar story this week, saying, "I had to defend myself.")

In the meantime, school officials, who placed Hadsock on leave, are still debating whether she should be able to return to the classroom. The student who allegedly assaulted Hadsock was not arrested, but remains suspended from the school.

Another student caught the whole incident on video. Check it out below, then sound off: Was Hadsock acting in self-defense? Or did she cross a line?

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