Montana legislation has received national attention twice this year, last week Governor Gianforte signed Senate Bill 99, which bans gender-affirming care for minors. Representative Zooey Zephyr was disciplined for her statements speaking out against the bill, and since then she's become something of a rockstar. Last April Montana approved a ban on TikTok, becoming the first state in the country to do so— and the potential consequences could be wild.

I'm starting to wonder what Montana could ban next, and if certain forms of x-rated content could be on the proverbial chopping block. Here are some websites I think could be banned in Montana:

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As a response to Utah's new age-verification law which becomes active tomorrow, Pornhub is now blocking access to Utah's users according to CNN. I wouldn't be surprised if Montana passed a similar law. Though less likely, it's possible Montana could pass a law that bans pornographic websites altogether, though I'm not sure if a bill of that nature would be struck down in court, or if enforcing that sort of law would be possible.


Of all adult sites on the internet, OnlyFans could become a target for Montana's legislature because it's arguably the most-famous website that allows users to profit from selling pornographic content.


In addition to having image boards containing pornography, I think this website has a reputation of being popular with political extremists.

UFC Fight Pass

MMA videos might not meet your definition of x-rated, but there could be some appetite to censor the intense violence you see in that sport.


Though not all kinds of content is allowed on YouTube, if the Montana legislature isn't happy with YouTube's censorship standards there's a possibility it could be next, particularly because YouTube allows people to upload their own content.

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