About a month ago, I made the decision that I wanted to challenge myself this summer by running in the Missoula Half Marathon. So like any sane person, I went to talk to my friends at Runners Edge in downtown Missoula and get fitted for a nice pair of running shoes.

The reason I go to Runners Edge for my running gear is because everything they sell is made specifically for running. So in other words, it has a purpose.

After watching the way I walk and run, my girl Meg, who is an avid runner and works at Runners Edge, was able to pull a couple different styles of shoes that would work best with my foot frame, and provide the proper support that my body needs. Honestly I've never loved a pair of shoes more in my entire life.

The Brooks Ghost 10s were one out of maybe five pairs Meg had me try on. There aren't enough words to describe how comfortable these shoes are. Not only do they make my workouts at Orangetheory, or my outdoor runs, a lot easier, but last week on my east coast vacation I was able to walk 60+ miles without a single blister or sore foot! If that doesn't make the Ghosts "miracle shoes" I don't know what will!

Plus Brooks (company that makes the Ghosts) is one of the sponsors for the Special Olympics this year. So for every pair of the Ghost 10s, in the color ABOVE, that are sold, $5 will be donated to the Special Olympics. So if you needed an extra incentive to try on a pair of Ghost 10s, that's a pretty good one!

Here's a picture of me wearing my Ghost 10s in Philly!

For the record, I am endorsed by Runners Edge here in Missoula and we have an awesome business partnership together. Everything I write about Runners Edge and their products that they pay for me to use is based on my personal experience.

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