Without a doubt, the most annoying road in Missoula is Russell St. Even before all this construction on the bridge, this street totally sucked. The added construction is just the cherry on top the list of its most annoying attributes.

Russell St is also a key player in the Most Annoying Intersection In Missoula contest. Sure the contest is made up, but if it were real, then the Russell and Brooks intersection would win without a doubt.

Here are my reasons why I HATE the Russell/Brooks intersection with a fiery passion:

  1. When you're on Russell, you can't make a left hand turn onto Brooks coming from either direction.
  2. When you're on Brooks, you can't make a left hand turn onto Russell coming from either direction.
  3. When you're on Russell and you're driving (South?) towards the Missoula Fairgrounds and you're in the right hand lane:
    1. You can't go straight.
    2. If you're new to Missoula and/or not paying attention, you find yourself in that no man's land directly under the stop light thinking to yourself WTF is happening.
    3. You can make a right hand turn onto South BUT the turn is super sharp and you feel like everyone is judging you if you romp the curb.
  4. When people are driving (East?) on Brooks and are trying to make a left hand turn into that Albertsons shopping center, sometimes the traffic gets backed up and blocks the through traffic on Russell
  5. When you're on Brooks and you're trying to merge onto South and you have to make that weird turn.
  6. No U-Turns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I know this is a Missoula thing, but it seriously is the most annoying rule of all time! Think of all the time we'd save if we could just make a freaking U-Turn!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, I'm done...)

I'm sure there are many other reasons why this intersection totally blows, and if you feel the need to vent your frustrations, we'd love to read them on the comment section of our Facebook page!


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