The dust has settled over at Ogren Park after the huge Mumford & Sons show earlier this month and it's back in shape for baseball. But Logjam has big plans to start using the venue for more and more shows over the next several years - this was only the beginning.

If you went to the Mumford & Sons show, you probably got an email from Logjam a few days ago asking you to fill out a survey - it's the typical stuff you'd expect like how you enjoyed the show and the venue, what stuff they could improve upon, etc. And then, at the very end of the survey, here's what they ask: What band would you like to see perform at Ogren Park in 2020?

There's a lot of possibilities to get some major artists into Missoula with Ogren, so my mind went racing into a million different directions. Ultimately, I settled on one of my favorite bands - one I've never seen live - and who could easily pack the stadium, which held around 13,000 during the Mumford & Sons show. My pick was Blink-182 - who knows if they're even touring in 2020, but hey, might as well make my voice heard, right?

Did you fill out the survey and think of an artist you'd like to see at Ogren next year? Let us know who it was!

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