Every year, Montana Trail Crew and Run Wild Missoula work together to put on the Mountain Running Film Festival right here in town. If you're not familiar, it's exactly what it sounds like - films about mountain running! For running enthusiasts, this has been a pretty exciting event in years past.

Now historically, the Mountain Running Film Festival has taken place at the Wilma, so this year, things are going to be a little bit different. You'll be able to take in these films while sitting outdoors and enjoying nature at Ogren Park on June 3rd.

Ogren Park was one of the only places in town that kept busy during 2020, with several events throughout the summer like Centerfield Cinema and trivia nights. This year, they're continuing to utilize the field for all kinds of different things, even while the baseball season is back on for the Missoula Paddleheads.

Doors open at 6 PM and the films start at 7. If you're looking to get in, you can check out the link to buy tickets right here. It's $15 for a general admission ticket, then it'll start costing you more money depending on if you want a 4-person pod, an 8-person pod, or a VIP fire pit.

Think you'll be checking out this year's Mountain Running Film Festival? Have you ever gone to it before?

And will you watching the Paddleheads play some baseball this season? You can check out their full schedule right here.

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