As the youngest of three kids and being the only girl, I was pretty much destined to be a daddy's girl! But to be fair, he made me work for it and made sure his little girl was prepared to face the big bad world alone if needed.

Unlike most human beings my age (aka the dumba** millennials that everyone keeps complaining about) I was taught the meaning of hard work and the importance of solving your own problems. My dad was also a cop for 28 years so I've known how to change the tire on my car and get out of a choke hold since I was a little girl. The phrases 'you can't fight if you can't breathe' and 'nothing good ever happens after midnight' will be forever ingrained in my mind! Haha

Even though I was thoroughly prepared to face the 'real world' alone, I still rely on my dad for so many things. He's like the Godfather and Yoda all mixed into one! Haha But seriously he's the main guy I can rely on to help me through difficult situations while simultaneously telling me to suck it up and push through.


Financial advice - Call my dad.

Car troubles - Call my dad.

Boy troubles - Call my mom (Dad then yells 'you should just be a nun' from the background)

My car was recently involved in a drunk driving accident. You can check out the full story by clicking HERE! And of course the first thing I did was call me dad.

Hopefully everyone reading this knows the feeling of always having a man in your life that you can rely on. My dad has never and will never let me down and I feel like that mindset has helped shape me into the person that I am today. I know that no matter what I do, whether it's stupid or kickass, my dad will always be there to support me. And for that I will be forever grateful...

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