What a morning! First off I'm so thankful that no one (that I know of) was seriously injured when this total loser was driving under the influence at around 2 am this morning!

Here's what I know about what went down:

I was walking out my front door this morning when I saw a note tucked through the mail slot. It was from Missoula Police Department Officer Chris O'Leary (who has the nicest handwriting btw) saying that my car had been involved in a drunk driving accident where it was smashed and pushed into the street. My totaled car was then towed out of the way along with my friend Linda's totaled car.

According to Officer O'Leary, the guy that was driving under the influence, took the Higgins and 5th street corner (by Big Dipper) going about 100 miles an hour. It looks like he then lost control of the borrowed vehicle and smashed into my friend Linda's car which then smashed into my car, totaling both.

Again no one that I know of was hurt, I'm just beyond thankful that the Missoula PD was there to catch this loser and throw his drunk jack hole butt in jail!

Check out our poor cars below!


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