Sundays can be so relaxing but we all know, tomorrow is Monday and back to work we go. I'm very fortunate to really enjoy what I do for a living but I know many people don't have that luxury and before I got into radio I didn't always love my job.

Before jumping behind a microphone I was a supervisor of a movie theater and before that probably my worst job was working as a rent to own furniture delivery driver. It's not that the job was difficult but one afternoon I had to repossess furniture that a customer decided not to pay for anymore. I then witnessed a kid ask his dad where he was sleeping that night because I had to take his bed away. That day made me realize I could no longer work that job. I am so thankful to now have a job that I really enjoy going to, even though I am waking up earlier than anyone ever should. So my question for you what is the worst job you have ever worked?


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