The Missoula International Airport is pleased to announce that their average ticket prices are the lowest in the state. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics recently published 4th quarter air fare data. According to Airport Director Cris Jensen, the data shows Missoula with an average fare of $406. This is down from 4th quarter 2017 where Missoula had an average fare of $456.

“They are in fact the lowest in the state and the lowest that we have seen in quite some time,” Jensen said. “I think we have been telling people all along that competition is what causes those numbers to come down. We are fortunate with American Airlines entering our market that airfares and down. I think we are pretty happy with that.”

During 4th quarter 2018, Jensen says Missoula customers saved over $5 million.

“We just looked at the fact that we had 103,000 passengers during that quarter,” Jensen said. “If you take roughly $50 per ticket and times that by 103,000 passengers, it equates to roughly $5 million worth of direct savings. That is a big deal to local travelers, businesses, and people that want to fly somewhere on vacation.”

Jensen predicts that 2019 will be another record year when all is said and done. He says they are up about 17% in terms of total passengers to date. He encourages folks to take advantage of their seasonal flights this summer.

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