It doesn't seem like the American people are especially fond of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle these days, and I don't think we were ever particularly fond to begin with. Maybe it's because they're often whining despite being wealthy to a level that most of us can't comprehend. I understand that even powerful, attractive celebrities who have everything going for them also have problems, but I think average people appreciate when those of that sort of stature have less complaints and more positive messages.

These two have been mocked a lot lately, but a recent South Park episode took it to a new level, here's a clip below:

But I think I know how to repair their image— with a trip to Montana with a game plan that will get them in touch their inner Montanan. If they adopt our down-to-earth and emotionally-strong spirit, people might respect and admire them. Here's what I think Meghan Markle and Prince Harry should do in Montana:

Ride a Bull

Not a mechanical bull, mind you. I'm talking a big, ol' rowdy-bucking steer with a nose ring and a ferocity built in to it's very essence. That would build character, ya know, if they manage to stay conscious enough to remember the experience.

Climb Granite Peak

The wind could be blowing and the trail could be icy, but after their journey to the top they'll be different people than who they were before they made the climb.


Glamping doesn't count. There's something primal about a night out with only a sleeping bag and a flimsy tent, that could benefit these two softies.

Drink in Butte

On Saint Patrick's Day. Celebrating with the good people of Butte could change them for the better, if for no other reason than the luck of the Irish.

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