Coachella, currently the most-famous music festival in the whole world. Once seen as the pinnacle of cool, seems to have taken some hits to its reputation. People complain that it's uncomfortable, tiring and unsettling at times, particularly when you're shoulder-to-shoulder with partiers on a drug cocktail powerful enough to get a humpback whale completely lit. But at least you get to see a diva performer show up an hour and a half late, only to phone in a performance and waste your time. Yeah, I'm not really feeling the FOMO this year.

Maybe what Coachella needs is a change in location, I mean, it's not like Indio, California is some tropical paradise. Montana, with its natural beauty and wide open spaces, might be a good option. Here's what would happen if Coachella happened in Montana:

Some Locals Would Love it

Even though Montana has had plenty of big-name artists play concerts here, I'd argue that the demand for those kinds of shows is much higher than the supply. This would be a great opportunity for Montanans to see artists who have never performed here before.


So. Many. Tourists. We could only hope they don't drink raw water or mess with any wildlife. On the plus side, it'd be a boost for Montana's economy.

Snow Storm

Though April is known to have more mild weather in most of the country, in Montana it's not uncommon to see some snow creep through. If the people behind Coachella ever really do want to throw the festival here, it might be best to change the date.

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