Ok, here's a shocking confession - I've lived in Missoula for three years now, and I've never been to River City Roots Festival.

Alright, CALM DOWN! Let me explain:

I moved here in 2018, and the weekend that I arrived in town was the same weekend as River City Roots Fest. I didn't know it existed at the time, and I was pretty busy with the move, so it wasn't meant to be that year.

By 2019, I knew about it and was all set to go... but I had to fly out of town for a friend's wedding that weekend. But surely, the next year would be my year to make it!

Uh, nope. 2020 happened and River City Roots Fest was cancelled that year. That one's not on me.

But River City Roots Fest is back for 2021, and I am ready to finally get the chance to go. They actually just unveiled their full lineup for the festival, which will be headlined by Missoula's own Lil Smokies (this is actually the fourth time they've headlined River City Roots).

Other artists in the lineup include Super Chikan, Rapidgrass, Sol Driven Train, Growling Old Men, Hot Buttered Rum, Sally & George, Cowboy Andy and the Salamanders, and The Timber Rattlers.

The festival, as always, will be free to attend, plus they'll have a bunch of food trucks, a drink garden, an art show, and a four-mile run through Missoula. After a year and change spent in isolation, this seems like just the big community celebration that we've been waiting for.

Are you excited to head back to River City Roots Fest this summer? It'll be happening on August 27th and 28th on West Main Street.

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