I was driving to work this morning, and an odd sign caught my eye. Out of confusion, thinking I couldn't possibly have read it right, I pulled over. And nope, I read the sign right.

It said: "They're back. Pumpkin Spice Lap Dances." It was a sign for the Fox Club cabaret.

And I was like... huh?

What does that even mean? How can you pumpkin spice something that isn't a food or drink? Who even thinks of this?

We had some weird stuff back in New York, but this concept seems entirely foreign to me. Is this a Montana thing? Should I know what this is?

If there's anybody out there who has received a pumpkin spice lap dance, let us know. I am so curious. Does the girl serve you a pumpkin spice latte while she's on top of you? I have so many questions.

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