Look, we've all got those things that we just can't stand eating. I'm not a big fan of seafood. It happens! But it's nice to know when the people around you can't stand it either. It's something you can bond over!

Or at least that's the idea behind Hater, a dating app which matches people based on stuff they mutually hate (seriously). And Hater created a map that shows what food every single state in the US hates the most. The results were a little surprising.

For us here in Montana, the answer is "Pumpkin Spice ANYTHING." Which seems a little harsh, but maybe as a former New Yorker, I'm just used to being surrounded by pumpkin spice in the fall. On the flip side, New York's most hated food is "Ranch on Pizza," which is insane, because that is delicious.

Do you hate pumpkin spice? Are you happy to know that your fellow citizens are on the same page?

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