Local basketball fans are heated over an incident that occurred Saturday, Feb. 25, in which an upset Stevensville girls basketball player allegedly shoved an excited Dillon fan to the ground.

During the final seconds of Saturday's divisional championship game in which Dillon beat Stevensville 38-32, a young player was making her way back to the bleachers where she intersected a girl who was making her way down from the bleachers to support the winning team. Seven seconds into the video, the player is seen putting both of her arms out and pushing the alleged victim, sending her flying a few feet away. Moments later in the video, the alleged victim helps herself up looking confused and a bit distraught while the player leaves the view of the camera.

(UPDATE: The video has been made private, we will leave it up if it does go public once again)

Since Saturday, reports have been received from eye-witnesses stating that the alleged attacker was being ridiculed from rival fans in the bleachers.

According to a source close to the situation who hopes to remain anonymous, "The student section taunted the girls the entire game and made several inappropriate marks while they were throwing the ball in." The source continued, "Even after the announcers had warned the fans to not go on the court, they stormed it anyway in mob fashion. (The player) was making her way to the bench in all the commotion, one of the fans came from her blindside. As you can see from the video she was clearly surprised and was defending herself. Unfortunately, the girl happened to be a 6th grader and she was in the middle of her stride when the contact occurred. The player immediately realized what happened and feels terrible. If you got to know this young lady, you would realize she is not only a great kid, but a good sportsman as well."

It still seems that much of the community is up in arms about the incident and are hoping to get the unnamed player expelled from school and future basketball games. The player has allegedly taken a leave of absence from school and has since apologized to the victim and her family.

Was this simply a case of self defense or unsportsmanlike conduct gone too far? Sound off in the comment section below.

(Authors note: Any threats, foul language, or offensive remarks towards either party concerning this situation will be removed. Thank you.)


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