Here at the University of Montana, students who are involved in greek life have been and are continuing to volunteer throughout our community. Greek life strives to implement personal and organization ideals of leadership and values to all sorts of organizations around the United States. Members of the greek community on average contribute over 16,000 hours of community service and donate over $20,000 to the Missoula community.  

This month in particular, greek communities are beginning their individual philanthropy weeks to raise money for national and local institutes connected to their particular Fraternity or Sorority. In this process, a fraternity or sorority will host events throughout the week to raise awareness for their charity that invites the greek and local community to participate.

Organizations that are represented by greek communities include; The Huntsman Cancer Institute, American Heart Association, Watsons Youth Center, and many more. During their main philanthropy weeks, focus is directed to raising as much money as possible for the chapters partnered organization. This week, the Sigma Chi chapter is hosting their philanthropy week “Derby Days” in support of the Huntsman Cancer Institute. Other geeks chapter like the Alpha Phi Foundation will be hosting their philanthropy events this next week in support of women’s heart health. There will be a bake sale on Friday, April 20th from 6-8pm and a 5k around the UM campus on Saturday, April 21st in support of their cause. Events like these take place all across the United States and tend to raise a large amount of donation to their organizations philanthropy partners.

Now this isn't the only time that the greek community raises money. All throughout the year individual events are hosted by each greek chapters in support of many different local organizations. So stay involved with activities they will be holding and show your support to a cause that matters to you at the next greek philanthropy event!

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