The University of Montana Food Pantry in the University Center needs some items to help some students get through the end of the semester. UM Food Pantry Student Coordinator Kat Cowley explains.

“We are kind of hitting a dry spell,” Cowley said. “We gave out just over 500 pounds in the first two months and that was starting to leave our shelves pretty bare. We do have a partnership with the food bank network here. We put in an order, but we will not get it until early May. We are looking at a couple months of just having fewer and fewer items in the pantry.”

They are in desperate need of fruit and rice. They currently have a significant amount of green beans, but would like folks to donate a variety of other vegetables as well. According to Cowley, a national survey found that many college students have food insecurity or were homeless during the past year.

“That survey was done through the hope center in 2017 and their data revealed that about 36% of students faced food insecurity in the 30 days before they took that survey,” Cowley said. “I can’t remember the exact number for homelessness, but often if they are facing food insecurity they are at a much higher risk for homelessness. We actually got to participate in that survey and we should have our own data available towards the end of April.”

Donations can be dropped off anytime at the after-hours donation basket at the West Atrium Desk in the UC. Cowley says folks can also donate online or to do a UM employee payroll deduction. Call the UM Food Pantry at 406-243-5125 or email if you or your group would like to assist.

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