You have heard us talk about these guys many of times on this radio station. They are lifesavers. This is a group of people who really care about keeping the streets safe. Think of them as superheros without the tight underwear.

Another great benefit of UCallus is the fact that they will be in full force this Halloween weekend, a time notorious for drunk driving cases in Missoula.

After being in business for a little over a year now, odds are, they've probably helped you from time to time when you needed a safe ride. Now it is our turn to help them.

"We are in desperate need of donations so we can get some more cars on the road to accommodate our overload of clients we are now receiving. Our program is successful, but we are in need of community support."

Jeff Sandburg- Owner, UCallus

I personally know Jeff and have seen how hard he works for this service. Tireless, passionate and community driven. We can only imagine the lives he has saved with his business and will do whatever it takes to see his company prosper.

If you work at a bar or restaurant and have seen what good UCallus can do. Tell your boss to step it up and make a donation to the cause. Or if you have any extra cash, every penny helps.

To pledge money or just to show them you support there cause. Send your letter, check or money order to:

PO Box 4552
Missoula, MT 59806

Or Call :


Also add them as a friend on Facebook : UCALLUS

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