Nothing scares me more than the moments following last call in Missoula area bars. As I routinely tear down my DJ unit after spinning for the rowdy crowds each week I can't help but overhear the slurred speeches, the last minute pick up lines and the desperate calls to their sober friends who usually don't answer that late at night. On average, I personally witness at least 30% of the bars clientele stumble to their car while shuffling for their keys, then swerve off onto the dark streets of our town. If only my car could fit them all in, then I'd happily ensure their safety with a free ride home.

It seems that I'm not alone in this guilt. I've recently learned that a new non-profit is gaining traction which may offer a constant friend that WILL pick up the phone when you have had too much to drink. It's called "UCallus" (get it? You Call Us? Awesome.) And here is how their Facebook Fan Page describes this local service:

"Ucallus is a Non-Profit Community Based Designated Drivers program. Ucallus, is setting out to supply a fleet of cars, and drivers to get you home safely if you have had too much to drink. Designed to get you home safely, and back to your car when necessary. We will do whatever it takes to prevent you from getting a DUI."


After speaking with one of the organizers recently, it seems like just a few official stamps and signatures on some non-profit paperwork is all that is holding them back from making this life saving service a possibility. Well, that and the occasional disgruntled taxi services that scoff at the idea of this company taking money away from their business. In fact, during a recent City Council meeting, one of the owners of a local taxi company got up and walked out of the proposal meeting while the presenters pitched the service, only to be followed by a round of applause from nearly everyone in attendance after hearing what this service can soon offer.

I give props to the people behind this project. Imagine the lives that could be saved! Here's to hoping UCallus gets the support it truly deserves. To learn more about this fantastic community outreach visit


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