We've decided to mix things up a little here in Missoula by adding a fresh and local spin on movie reviews! Two to be exact and you can call 'em Tami and Joy!

In case you didn't know, on Tuesdays, movie ticket prices are only five bucks! So if you're looking for an early week date night idea to mix things up or fun night out with your girls, the movies might be a fun place to start! Tami and Joy have been hittin' up the movie theater scene for a while now and are experienced in the art of movie critiquing! So from now on, every Wednesday, tune into 107.5 ZooFM for their latest movie review!

This week they caught Reese Witherspoon's new flick, Home Again. The girls said it was a sweet romantic comedy and gave it a 5/10 rating, which is a more generous opinion than the Rotten Tomatoes 36% approval rating! So Home Again might be one of those you skip in the theater and just rent it later!

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