Another week, another Tuesday with our girls Tami and Joy and of course their latest movie review! This week the girls checked out the star-studded sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

Based on their review, you've got a 50/50 shot of liking it. Going into this week's film, Joy was the only one who had seen the first Kingsman. Both Tami and Joy agreed that seeing the original is essential to understanding where the follow up film starts off. Even Joy's quick recap of the first film wasn't enough to catch Tami up to speed on the movie that can be described as a melting pot of every action movie known to man...

If you saw the first Kingsman, then you know it's one of the most exaggerated action films out there. So you better believe that a sequel contains just as much, if not more, action, gore and language. The main upside though, are all the cameos made by A-list celebs like Channing Tatum and Elton John!

Check out Tami and Joy's responses to rapid fire questions about Kingsman: The Golden Circle -

  1. Who picked the movie?
    1. Joy
  2. Is Kingsman: The Golden Circle worth seeing in an iMAX theater?
    1. Joy - Yes! There's a lot of action going on in the movie, so iMAX makes it easier to follow along.
    2. Tami - Yes!
  3. What would you rate Kingsman: The Golden Circle out of 10?
    1. Joy - 7.5
    2. Tami - 4.5
  4. Would you let your 13 year-old child see this movie?
    1. Joy - Kids probably not but teenagers definitely. There are some graphic scenes.
    2. Tami - There were a lot of F bombs!
  5. Rent it or see it in theaters?
    1. Joy - Worth seeing on the big screen because there's so much action and it makes it easier to follow along!
    2. Tami - Definitely see it in iMAX
  6. What would you tell the director?
    1. Joy - They casted the characters beautifully! It was fun seeing actors and actresses play nontraditional roles.
  7. Rotten Tomatoes rating?
    1. 50%

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