There seems to be an on-going competition between the states, forever chasing that highly coveted #1 spot! Even though we are all lucky to live in the United States, where every day is Independence Day, there's nothing wrong with wanting to be the best, right?!

But there's a lot to be considered when determining, once and for all, which state has what it take to be the best. Luckily Thrillist did all the hard work for us and ranked the states based on their contributions to America:

  • Inventions
  • Food/Drinks/Booze
  • Somewhat Productive Famous People
  • Unique Physical Beauty
  • Etc.

So with all things considered, Montana came in strong with a #18 spot and a special shout out to Missoula! This is what the peeps had to say about the place we are lucky enough to call home...

Montana’s managed to position itself as kind of the hip older brother of the relatively unpopulated/ unheralded Midwest and Mountain West states, with an up-and-coming brewing and distilling scene and some underrated places to party (shout out to Missoula!). As a corollary it’s become something of a trendy spot for Hollywood types looking to really make a statement about how much they’re “getting away from it all,” which can be good or bad depending on how you feel about hanging out in coffee shops formerly owned by Glenn Close.

Not too shabby for a state with a population of a little over a million! Obviously it's so awesome for Montana to get this kind of recognition, but there's still a little part of me that hopes that our supreme awesomeness stays on the down low, for now at least! If the whole country knew just how amazing it is to live here, we'd be overrun in about 2 seconds! Haha

As for the remaining 49 states, some of the rankings might surprise you! Especially who came in at #1!!! To find out where the other states ranked on the Thrillist chart, click HERE!

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