Apparently there's a human being out there who has reached a whole new level of low. KPAX reported that Jono DeRudder, a Laurel firefighter, had his firefighting equipment stolen during Laurel's 4th of July firework show.

I mean seriously, what kind of person steals something from a first responder? It would be a real shame if that person finds them self in need of help, but the only option is missing his gear to do the job... There's also this little thing called karma!

Jono is reaching out to all social media outlets in search of any information on his stolen equipment...

"So I am looking for help on here from anyone who knows who has it or might know where it is. I am missing my coat, pants, boots, gloves, hood, and helmet. This gear is very expensive and I would hate for the department to have to buy me new gear," DeRudder posted, "I have already missed multiple fire calls because I didn't have any gear and I would appreciate it's return,"


KPAX reported that Jono's gear is custom made and he had custom leather suspenders and glove holders that he said he paid for.

We do recognize that this could have been a drunk accident or a joke gone too far, so we're just asking for the party involved to do the right thing!

So please please please if you or anyone you know has information regarding Jono's firefighting equipment, please contact the Laurel Fire Department or the Missoula Police Department.

To check out the full KPAX article, click HERE!

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