As a responsible pet owner you often worry about the smallest things, or at least my wife and I do but it's just because we care so much about our animals. So when I stumbled on this info from about the Red Cross creating a 'Pet First Aid' App I knew I had to share the information. It helps pet parents in just about any situation.

For example if your dog is panting really hard after a long walk, the app can tell you if their breathing rate is still considered normal. It can help you tell if your cat is dehydrated, how to treat an animal that is bleeding, it even has detailed guides for pet CPR.

The Red Cross is telling everyone this app is not intended to nor can it replace a licensed veterinarian, but can be helpful in non-emergency situations. Another helpful app feature is that it has a pet-friendly hotel locator. And the very best part is the app is free in your app store.

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