It's been a pretty good week for stories about cats finding their way back home. Yesterday we shared a story about a family that made the move from Australia to Missoula with their cat in tow. Late last year the cat ended up going missing. But because of some random luck - and the cat being microchipped before moving to town - they were recently reunited again. And there's a twist to the story in the form of a common connection between the original owners and the people that had been caring for the cat.

As a cat guy myself (see pic below,) I loved seeing the happy ending between feline and family. And I guess the only thing better than one story about a cat being reunited with its owners.....would be another one!

Photo: TSM
Photo: TSM

The family in this reunion is a bit luckier that they were able to find their cat after it went missing. Somehow Oliver disappeared from his home in Mountain Home, Idaho and was taken in by someone near Alberton earlier this month. The person that found Oliver took him to AniMeals in Missoula and they found out that he wasn't microchipped. But AniMeals took to social media and ended up connecting with the owners the following day. After a 365 mile drive to come pick him up, Oliver was back with the family that had been searching for him. Did someone take him out of state? Did he find a way to hitch a ride without some driver knowing? How he ended up going from Idaho to Montana is still a mystery.

Thank goodness for social media helping to make the reunion possible. But the best way to help ensure you can be reunited with your pet is to have them Oliver is now.

Learn more about how AniMeals operates as a no-kill animal adoption center HERE.

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