The Seattle Meowtropolitan is open and doing well. Their motto is Seattle loves coffee, Seattle loves Cats, We're putting coffee and cats together in one place. What a creative idea!

The cats are all from local shelters with the most important thing for the shop is to create a comfortable space for both cats and humans. Yes, you can even adopt a cat at the end of your coffee and play time with the cat.

The coffee is supposed to be really good, and they even have great puns like "catpuccino".

A one hour visit costs $10, and you have to make your reservation in advance. The reason for a reservation is to not over stimulate the cats, again this place is all about being comfortable.

I just wonder if this is a new breakthrough. I think I would prefer a coffee shop that allowed me to bring my dogs to hang out for a while, but I applaud the owner for thinking outside of the litter box with this idea!


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