Now I'm a huge movie fan, and there are a ton of movie subgenres that I've spent a lot of time with - high school movies, '80s action movies, arthouse horror movies, etc. But one of my favorite movie genres ever is film noir - those black-and-white mystery stories that became popularized in the '40s and '50s.

If you're like me and can't get enough of noir, The Roxy has got you covered for the entire month of March. They're showing a different classic noir film every week - and a few of them are even presented on film!

Here's the schedule:

March 4th - Double Indemnity in 35mm

March 11th - Kiss Me Deadly

March 18th - The Third Man

March 25th - Sunset Boulevard in 35mm

I can vouch that at least three of those are all-time great movies, and I've never seen Kiss Me Deadly so I'm excited to finally get the chance! And the noir influence is spreading for the rest of the month too, with screenings of ChinatownBlade Runner 2049, and even one for the kids with Detective Pikachu. There might be some more movies announced too, so keep track and get tickets over at the Roxy's website.

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