So... I'm somebody who goes to the movies just about every weekend. I'll see at least a movie a week. I love going to the movies.

And the last week or so has been a nightmare of news for a number of reasons, but one crazy thing that's been happening is that almost all of the major movie releases are getting delayed until later in the year or even until next year. Depending on where you are, it may not even be safe to go to the movies at the big theater chains.

But the Roxy isn't just a normal movie theater - they're Missoula's community cinema, and the community comes first. To that end, they've announced their plan in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak: they're planning to stay open and keep their scheduled programming, but they're taking precautions like installing hand sanitizing stations, disinfecting high points of traffic, and - I think this is most important - they're limiting theater attendance to about 50% capacity in an effort to encourage social distancing.

The whole post is very reassuring, and lines out a few other points - like encouraging people to buy tickets online rather than exchange cash at the theater (they're also waiving their online fee indefinitely, as a bonus). You can check it out below - and if you're still not comfortable with going to the theater but still want to support the Roxy, which is a nonprofit, you can become a member or make a donation at their website.


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