Starting July 5th, The Roxy is shutting down for a couple of weeks to do some renovations. They'll be getting a new sound system and new seats for the theater - and that means they're gonna need to do something with the old seats.

And rather than just throw them out, the Roxy is putting them up for grabs! You want 'em? They're yours! Here's the info taken from their Facebook Event Page:

"We're closing on July 5 for 2 weeks to get NEW seats! That means our old ones have got to go! Would you like to take them?

They're in groups of 3. You can reserve a set by emailing and come by and pick them up in the parking lot between the Roxy and Holy Spirit Parish on July 5th from 2-9pm. Remaining chairs will be open for pickup Saturday, July 6 at 10am.

Donations will be happily accepted -- thanks for giving our old seats a new home! Donate today:

Join us for our Roxy Revival the weekends of July 19th and 26th to test-drive our new seats and sound system!"

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