For many, getting food for your family is as easy as going to the grocery store. But, the connection that we used to have with where our food comes from is lost. For Montanans, many of us enjoy reconnecting with our food, and harvesting big game in the Fall. Getting that food is definitely not as easy as going to the grocery store. Yet it is way more satisfying when you do get to sit down for a meal that you know where it came from. Hunting is also a great way to disconnect from the concrete jungles we live and work in everyday. It is a way to reconnect with the great outdoors and with that comes some risks. Risks like injuring yourself in the backcountry, or getting injured in an animal attack.

Footage has recently surfaced online, showing a young female hunter defending herself from a mountain lion attack. The footage shows a fairly large mountain lion attempting to sneak up on the young hunter. She does what anyone who encounters a mountain lion should do. She made herself seem bigger and badder than the cat and thrashed trees. All while making a lion like roar. This method seems to work for a moment. But, as you will see in the footage, the lion turns back and becomes very aggressive. Resulting in the young hunter having to take another option to ensure survival.

According to the YouTube video, the event took place on November 1st 2020 in Gunnison, Colorado.

Successful Montana Elk Hunts


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