A couple weeks ago, I wrote about how ex-Trump aide Steve Bannon was set to make an appearance at the University of Montana, and how he was attempting to find a UM professor to debate. What I somehow failed to notice is that he wasn't there to talk politics. Steve Bannon was to be the keynote speaker in a conference about - wait for it - sex robots.

That's one of those sentences that you read, and then have to reread just to make sure you read it right the first time. Anyway, though I'm sure we were all wondering what Steve Bannon had to say about sex robots, I am sad to report that we will never know. Bannon will no longer be making an appearance at UM.

An email went out to people registered for the event that said Bannon was "unavailable" and that the event is postponed until further notice. This isn't a surprise, as there was a lot of pushback surrounding Bannon coming to the college in the first place. Where did you fall on Bannon's appearance? Were you looking forward to it, are you glad he's gone, or are you just bummed that you won't get to see any sex robots?

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