This is a weird turn of events - Steve Bannon, the head of alt-right news outlet Breitbart who served as Donald Trump's chief strategist until 2017, was scheduled to make an appearance at an upcoming conference at the University of Montana. When this was announced, many presenters at the conference pulled out of the event, which has now been cancelled; however, Steve Bannon is still going to come to the college, where he will give a keynote speech, do a Q&A with the audience, and take part in an academic debate.

Bannon's event organizer, Adrian Cheok, is hoping that a UM professor will volunteer to debate Bannon at the event. Cheok told the Missoulian that the debate topic will be "the future of populism."

It seems like the college itself has very little involvement with the conference, and even question the decision to have Bannon as the keynote speaker. Many of the speakers who withdrew say they did so for ethical or scientific reasons.

Do you think a UM professor will step up and debate Bannon? Do you think he should be kept from coming to the school entirely?

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