You might think that spring is a great season here in Montana, but I have the uncanny ability to always find something to complain about— and once I point out these annoyances, you'll see that it's totally overrated. Here's a few things that suck about spring in Montana:


I'll agree with my coworker on this one, outdoor dining in Montana is overrated, due in part to wasps, which are on my list of the kinds of Montanans that Taylor Swift should yell at.

Road Construction

For example, 3 busy Missoula roads will have detours soon, and it seems like as soon as the ice melts and the roads become comfortable to drive on, the road construction starts and driving becomes a nightmare for new reasons, speaking of driving...

Driving Challenges

This season brings unique driving challenges, I wrote a whole article on the subject.


I'd guess spring is when allergies flare up the most in Montana, particularly this year. Allergies can be absolutely miserable, it's hard to appreciate the warmer weather when you can't even breath. This may seem gross but I feel compelled to mention that allergies my eye sockets itcy, meaning that it's impossible for me to scratch the itch without losing an eye. So yeah, it's pretty obvious I'm not the biggest fan of this season, if spring even is a season, that is.

It's Fake

Now here's the real kicker, Montana's spring is actually fake. The truth is that here in the Treasure State, there's only the icy, cold winter and scorching-hot summer, sometimes even on the same day, which can make it so hard to know what to wear.

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