There's a lot that can go into the big day, depending on how the couple chooses to go about it. Booking a location for the ceremony, hiring a photographer, finding a caterer and a lot more. That's why I suggest visiting the Missoula Wedding Fair on Sunday, January 8th.

The reception is when you get to have fun after all that, and a great playlist can really set the mood for a great reception. There are the classic wedding party songs, sure. Definitely keep Shout by The Isley Brothers, that's a must. But also consider adding some heart to your night in the form of songs by Montanan bands and artists. Here are some songs I'd suggest, with links for you to hear each song:

Stephanie Quayle - By Heart

This song is absolutely adorable. It's about how she wants to know everything about this person who she's interested in, in other words, to know this person "by heart." I'm going to quit writing about this song before I am overwhelmed by a cuteness overload.

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Pearl Jam - Soldier of Love

Their bassist is from Havre so Pearl Jam is Montanan enough for me. Soldier of Love was originally recorded by a soul artist named Arthur Alexander back in 1962, but Pearl Jam's version is sexier.

Blue Jean Love Affair - Rob Quist

This song will turn your whole wedding reception into a hoedown, I definitely recommend it.

Tim Montana - Long Shots

It's a bit of self-deprecating song but it's also sweet and romantic, check it out.

Chez - Netflix and Chill

I had to have some hip-hop representation on this list, but before you listen to it keep in mind some of the lyrics are crass— it is hip hop after all. Here it is.

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