Some legendary acts have played in Montana, The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Paul McCartney, even Snoop Dogg. My hope is that all the new people moving here could encourage artists to perform here more often, so much so that I'm crossing my fingers even as a I type this. Here's a list of pop stars that should play concerts in Montana in 2023:

Maroon 5

Technically Maroon 5 are a pop band but you get my point. They cancelled their show at the MetraPark arena in Billings last summer, so they totally owe us.


Nevada is great and all, but Montana is immensely more beautiful. If she wants to sightsee after being stuck in the dull-looking desert for so long, she could play a concert here hitting Glacier.

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Steve Lacy

I'd love to see this up-and-coming singer play a show here before he its the next level of fame. Listen to his song "Bad Habit" in his music video below if you're unfamiliar with him:

Justin Timberlake

He's been quiet for awhile now, but I hope he starts releasing music and playing shows again soon. He has a song called "Montana" and he has a home here according to Forbes. It should be a rule that a pop star has to play a concert in any state that they own a home in.

Taylor Swift

No she's not playing a concert here on her Eras tour, and believe me I checked. I know Taylor Swift performing in Montana isn't exactly likely this year, but I thought I'd include her as an attempt to will it into existence... or something.

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