People in Missoula love their pets - it seems like you can't go anywhere in town without seeing somebody with a dog following right behind them (or two, or three). Whether you're at the river, getting ice cream at Big Dipper, wandering around downtown, even shopping inside many of the stores in Missoula, chances are you'll run into a few of them.

One place where you typically won't see any pets, though? The Southgate Mall. But that's about to change - for a day, at least.

Saturday, September 19th is going to be Shop With Your Pet Day at the Southgate Mall from open until close. Here's the info from their website:

At Shop With Your Pet, you can bring your four-legged friend for a shopping excursion and socialize with other pet parents. While you're here, head over to The Giggle Box and snap a one-of-a-kind pic with your furry friend and visit adorable animals in need of adoption.
All well-behaved and fully vaccinated pets on-leash are welcome.
I like that they stress that the pets need to be well-behaved - if you're dog growls or gets into fights with other dogs, it's probably best not to bring them. If they can handle the crowds and the other animals though, you're good to go! Stop by, do some shopping, take a pic, and look at some of the other animals that are there.
Will you be checking this out?

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