It's a story you probably heard a lot over the course of the pandemic, and maybe you even experienced it yourself. When lockdowns went into place and we all were staying at home for quarantine, a lot of people started to have a lot more time on their hands and were feeling a little lonely. As a result, many of them ended up adopting a new pet - pet adoption rates around the country spiked in 2020, and a lot of people found themselves with a new dog or a new cat to wait out the pandemic with.

Well, with more and more people getting the vaccine, we can envision a future when the pandemic is finally behind us - but what happens to those pets when it finally is? According to a poll by Innovet Pet, roughly half of new pet owners in Montana are now experiencing "Pet Regret." Basically, with life returning back to normal, people are realizing they may have jumped the gun on the whole adopting-a-pet thing.

Many people in the poll admit that they bought a pet after they were motivated to while scrolling social media, and while doing no research about the subject beforehand. Now that work and activities are starting to come back, they've found it's a lot tougher to take care of these things than they initially thought.

You can see a breakdown of the numbers right here. If you adopted a pet during the pandemic, have you experienced "pet regret?" What have you done about it?

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