New music is all around us and this gal has been charging into the music scene the last few years. Her name is Erin Alvey and she has a great voice, plus she does a rad Eminem cover.

She describes herself as :

Country Singer/Songwriter. Born and raised in southern Georgia.

She said she grew up listening to a lot of Irish music! Also she loved listening to the Boss, Bruce Springsteen. One of her favorite songs oddly enough is "Beer for my Horses", what a fun song! We are both Braves fans and to this days she credits one of my favorite baseball players, Chipper Jones, as jump starting her career.

One of the reasons I gravitated to following Erin was a guy on Facebook on know was posting stuff about her and I realized she is so pretty but also so kind, always smiling and looking happy. She isn't trying top rub in everything on Facebook but more inviting people to join her social media party. Staying humble and kind is not easy in this industry so hopefully she never loses that.

This is a video from a few years back. She's got country and pop in her sound and loves to try new things.

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