We’ve decided to mix things up a little here in Missoula by adding a fresh and local spin on movie reviews! Two to be exact and you can call ’em Tami and Joy!

In case you didn’t know, on Tuesdays, movie ticket prices are only five bucks! So if you’re looking for an early week date night idea to mix things up or fun night out with your girls, the movies might be a fun place to start! Tami and Joy have been hittin’ up the movie theater scene for a while now and are experienced in the art of movie critiquing! So every Wednesday, tune into 107.5 ZooFM for their latest movie review!

This week they went dark-side and saw the new Paramount Pictures  thriller(?), Mother, with Jennifer LawrenceJavier Bardem, Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer. To say they didn't like it is an understatement. Joy described it as being 'totally eff'd up' and Tami said she almost walked out! Even Jennifer Lawrence told a press junket that after they were wrapped filming, she thought to herself 'what did we just do.' And apparently that thought rings true for everyone who sees it.

Rapid fire questions about Mother:

  1. Who picked the movie?
    1. Tami
  2. Should kids under the age of 13 be able to see this movie?
    1. Definitely not!
  3. Rent it or see it in the theaters?
    1. Neither - Wait for it to become a free movie, and then still don't watch it!
  4. What would you tell the director if he was standing right in front of you?
    1. Next time make a movie with an actual plot line!
  5. Rotten Tomatoes rating:
    1. 68% approval (wtf)

So with all that being said, the overall consensus of Mother is a no-go and the Rotten Tomatoes rating has GOT to be wrong! Haha

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