It's a perfect description of a catch-22. A conundrum, when you get right down to it. We live in a pretty awesome place and want to brag about our good fortune for doing so. But in order to toot our own horn, we have to let others in on the secret. Even right now I'm thinking "do I want to share the story about Fortune Magazine shining a spotlight on Missoula?" On one hand, the article is already out there for all to see. But on the other hand, I'm amplifying the exposure by putting it out there to my tens of dedicated readers.

Yep, we have it pretty good!

It's true that we live in such an amazing place with Montana having so much in the way of entertainment and outdoor activities! That's why we always find things popping up on best-of lists and top spots to (fill in the blank.) In just the last week we've shared stories of a Missoula brewery being recognized among the best winter stouts in the country, Montana having one of the most authentic ski towns in North America, and where to find the best hidden gem in Montana.

We're like the Paris of Montana

This is actually pretty cool when you think about it. After all, it's not every day that you see Missoula and Paris being thrown around in the same sentence. But that's exactly what's happening with an Instagram post from Fortune Magazine where they offer suggestions of places to visit as people look to start traveling again. I'm not sure how they settled on the list but it has Paris, Mexico, Missoula, and Delaware. It feels like someone closed their eyes and threw darts at a map to come up with those destinations. And I'm not sure if they're in any particular order but Missoula was #3 on the list. So it's either all completely random or they ranked us better than Delaware. Ha!

[3] Missoula is must-visit destination with new
hotels like the boutique @wrenmissoula; one of the best music scenes in the country with concerts at the @kettlehouseamphitheater , and enough indie brewers, including the new @oddpitchbrewing and community-conscious @imaginenationbrewingco.

There you have it. Now a whole new set of people are going to have Missoula on their radar when it comes to travel destinations thanks to Fortune Magazine. Or maybe we'll luck out and they'll opt to visit Deleware instead.

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