It never occurred to me how ugly November is until 2015 when I heard this quote by the character Peter Griffin of Family Guy from season 14, episode 6 titled "Peter's Sister."

God, I love this time of year. It's just past all the amazing colors of fall, and before the white of winter. Just brown and gray. Magical.

Peter's description of November applies to Montana as much as it does to Rhode Island. It's been particularly true the last few years where it seems like we didn't get much snow until December, unless you live in a place like Mystic Lake, which was the snowiest place in Montana as of 2017.

I'll go ahead and answer my own question here: yes, November is the ugliest month in Montana, though not by a huge margin. Early spring months like March and April can be pretty ugly too, after the snow melts but before the lil buds start appearing on the tips each living tree's branches. November does get points for not having the muddy slush that soaks my shoes each spring, so there's that.

I like Thanksgiving as much as anyone, but the rest of the month can be dreary. It doesn't help that this is when elections happen either. That's exciting for the politically minded, but it's a drag for the rest of us. If you're like me, this article about how to stay sane during Montana's election season could be helpful.

On the bright side, the ugliest month in Montana is still more beautiful than almost anywhere else any time of year. That's what I'll remind myself of as I stare out at the scenery while sipping my pumpkin spice coffee— yummmmm.

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