I won't beat around the bush here, last night (09/26/22) I thought I saw a video of aliens invading Earth. Whoopsie daisy. Someone sent me a video they took while on a walk in Anaconda, Montana. It was an interesting sight, so odd that I thought it could've been alien crafts. It was actually Starlink satellites from the spacecraft manufacturer and satellite communications corporation, SpaceX. It looked similar to the video below.

I'm still disappointed it's not outer-space voyagers. If you search Google for "straight line ufos" you'll learn the boring truth. I should've known better, I even knew that my friend, who lives near Helena, gets internet from Starlink. In 2020, CNBC reported that Starlink received "nearly $900 million in FCC subsidies to bring internet to rural areas" so it's no surprise Starlink is active in Montana. Oh, and if you're curious, my friend told me his internet works great.

Am I really that gullible? Before you answer that, consider that Montana is known for UFO sightings. SatelliteInternet.com used data from the National UFO Reporting Center and found that Montana has the second most reported UFO sightings, behind Idaho. Montana is also home to one of the most famous UFO encounters. In 1950, a man in Great Falls saw two UFOs and even managed to get them on film. Wikipedia says it's "believed to be among the first ever taken of what came to be called an unidentified flying object." The video below has the footage.

But yeah, I'll admit I'm a tiny bit gullible in some situations— don't try to trick me though, or I'll write a really mean article about you. And the aliens wouldn't like it.

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