I was skeptical about sasquatches. I acknowledge it's farfetched that some sort of apemen live in the forests of the American west and yet no one has produced definitive proof. But there are so many eyewitness accounts that it's hard to dismiss completely— especially when it's a Montanan who saw it, right? When a Montanan tells me "it wasn't a bear" I'm more inclined to believe them because Montanans are uniquely surrounded by wildlife.

If bigfoots do exist, it seems there are a lot of them here. The Idaho State Journal crunched the numbers and found which states have the most sightings per capita.

1. Washington

2. Oregon

3. West Virginia

4. Idaho

5. Montana

-Idaho State Journal

So, here are alleged sightings Western Montanans have reported to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Association:

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2006 Sighting in Missoula County near Lavalle Creek Area

Biologist describes a large, upright creature walking below a ridge.


2010 Sighting North of Helena

A woman sees an animal she described as 7-8 feet tall, over 500 pounds with brownish, black hair covering its body.


2020 Sighting Mineral County on Interstate 90

Trucker sees "long reddish hair bigfoot" with both arms on a road barrier.


1982 Sighting Glacier County on the Blackfeet Reservation

Several hunters see a 6-8 feet tall hairy "thing" that disappeared into the trees.


1977 Sighting Lewis and Clark County on the eastern shore of the Missouri River

Fly fisherman sees hairy, bipedal creature. It was tall and muscular with seemingly no neck.

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